Like Mother, Like Daughter – Mother’s Day

This year, Michael Kors is celebrating Mother’s Day ‘Like Mother, Like Daughter’ campaign with mom and model Alessandra Ambrosio and her darling daughter Anja. Shot in black and white, the fashion film shows how mother and daughter share quality time together. Michael Kors choose a French song for the theme of the fashion film.

like mother like daughter

Most women wear different hats, but few make it look as effortlessly chic as Alessandra Ambrosio. The Brazilian-born beauty is a multi-hyphenate with model, actress, designer and street style star on her lengthy resume. But Ambrosio gladly admits that her most important role is being a mom to seven-year-old Anja and three-year-old Noah. “My kids are my number one priority,” says Ambrosio. “I try to schedule everything so that I can spend as much time with them as possible.” This is why casting the in-demand model and her daughter in our Mother’s Day campaign was an easy decision. Watching the delightful duo do their thing on set, it was crystal clear that being camera-ready is in the genes.

like mother like daughter

Alessandra Ambrosio: The best advice my mom gave to me is ‘Always follow your dreams, and yes as I am living a dream right now.’ Motherhood means ‘Unconditional love, happiness, rewarding, and fulfilling.”

like mother like daughter

She was a right choice for Like Mother, Like Daughter campaign. The scenes are so sweet and you can feel the warmth of the relationship of Alessandro Ambrosia and her daughter within the fashion film.

Photos are credited by Michael Kors.

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