Prada X Prada Virtual Reality Film

Prada has launched a new virtual reality experience, Prada x Prada, for its La Femme Prada and L’Homme Prada fragrances. The 10-minute film directed by Mathias Chelebourg is intended to reflect the “multi-faceted” nature of Prada’s fragrances that launched in September. The film also allows the viewer to choose his or her own path to discovering the new fragrances.

Prada X Prada Virtual Reality Film

The four-part VR experience, which is available on mobile devices, takes the viewer through an abstract world that morphs before their eyes. Each part shows an environment becoming anew, revealing a new look with large crystals in ‘Innerspace’, vines and flowers in ‘Olfactory Chimera’, shimmering glass walls in ‘Multiplicity’ and spinning mirrors in ‘Alter Echoes’.

Photo and Video by Prada

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