Create Space for Silence

Can you recall a day without using your phone, tablet, iPad, or laptop? We are living in the information age where the experts also call Computer Age, Digital Age or New Media Age. This is the period in our history characterised by the shift from traditional industry that the Industrial Revolution brought through industrialization, to an economy based on information computerization. In 1989 British scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented World Wide Web then in 1991 internet became an easily accessible network. And everything changes within our lives. 

Create Space for Silence


Can you recall a day you spend without looking at internet. Even we are at vacation, we upload photos to our social media accounts. If not, we check for restaurants to eat, places to visit or shop. Internet becomes the breath we take in. So far it is acceptable in some way or another. What if we can not exhale all the information we get?Create Space for Silence

What if we forget our actual breathing, our energy for life. 

Our body collects the information from surroundings consciously and unconsciously and holds it within. We thought we can exhale and release them through our system. If there is excessive information there the body can’t escape from. And we started to hold them within us.

Create Space for Silence

Rest in Silence.. We are working 7/24 because of our smart phones, laptops, iPads or tablets. We can be reachable anywhere, any time. Living in a city, watching TV, internet and so on so forth… They are actually noises outside of our circle. We can not runaway from them as we are living in the information age. But we have the power to pause them. Choosing rest because of exhaustion or from being tired is a method. What if there is a way that you can choose silence, create space for silence, without escaping from them. As I written above, we inhale the information consciously and unconsciously. During the flow of information, being aware of what to let go in to your circle, comes from the state of silence.

Create Space for Silence

With all the information around you and with all the noises it won’t be easy to make decisions. The noises create a barrier such that it becomes harder and harder to hear your own voice. Just try for your self to pause everything. If you have a car before you start the engine just wait doing nothing for 30 seconds. When I tried this, I failed several times. Because always there is a place to go, plan to do.. Relax and breath 🙂

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You can control the noises around you. You can create space for silence. Maybe this silence at first 30 seconds, but be sure that it will be still effective. Because you become aware of your own will power. This is not just choosing what to get for your system from the informations, this is also letting go of what is not necessary or holding you back or creating unnecesary noises within you.


In your centre there is love, peace and joy. The noises can block or take you away from your centre. The noises from your past relations like with your boyfriend or girlfriend, with your parents or friends; if you are aware that they are creating noises and need to be exhale out, just exhale them, let them go. Create Space For Silence With Your Will Power. Will Power is within your Centre. Create Space for Silence means Stillness. You can create space for silence just breathing.

create space for silence

Breath in and count 1 to 4 within you, then breath out counting 1 to 4. Do this breathing for 5 times every day. It is good if you start your day with this, early in the morning. It will renew your system. And do not harsh your self if you forget to do. As I wrote before, this is within your will power. 

‘Space and silence are two aspects of the same thing. The same no-thing. They are externalization of inner space and inner silence, which is stillness: the infinitely creative womb of all existence.’ Eckhart Tolle

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*Willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals.
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