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Written and Directed by Nicholas Arnold, “William’s Lullaby” is a creative and unflinching look at the effects of grief on children and adults alike. Beginning its festival circuit with the Canadian Festival Premiere at the 10th Annual ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto. 

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While battling his unforgiving childhood and an increasingly rampant depressive paranoia, a middle-aged, broke, and newly single father, struggles to raise his spirited but troubled five-year-old son.

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William’s Lullaby tells the story of Thomas Splinter (Richard Roy Sutton) a widower on the verge of a nervous breakdown in this haunting drama that examines the effects of grief in children and adults alike. Tormented by vivid and prophetic nightmares, Thomas is forced to confront a dark secret from his past, with the help of a gifted hypnotherapist, before it destroys what little is left of his relationship with his son.

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