Watch Online: The Machine

Artificial Ava asks McCarthy: “What makes my clever imitation of life any different from theirs? Apart from their flesh, what makes them any different from me?”

“Brooding, stylish, highly atmospheric future-noir thriller.” by The Hollywood Reporter

‘Unsubtle and derivative’ by Total Film

“A smart, thought-provoking little thriller” by Time out London

“Brimming with ideas and laudable ambition, it’s well worth a look.” by Empire

”Works modestly well” by Variety


Toby Stephens, best known as James Bond’s suave nemesis in Die Another Day, plays Vincent McCarthy, a computer expert seeking to perfect super-intelligent androids for his army paymasters. The film is directed by Caradog W. James. McCarthy’s boss Thomson (original Star Wars trilogy veteran Dennis Lawson) dreams of making the perfect robot weapon, but the anguished boffin is motivated by more tragic personal reasons. The arrival of brilliant young American scientist Ava (Caity Lotz) helps him realize his project, as well as providing an obligatory frisson of sexual tension.




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