How Deep Will You Go? Watch Online ‘Submerge’

Jordan (Lily Hall), a 20 year old athletic university student has added another extracurricular activity to her over-scheduled life—seducing her tutor, Angie (Christina Hallett), while doing research work for Angie’s partner Cameron (Andrew Curry), who is also Jordan’s professor. Bi best friend Lucas (Kevin Dee) teases her that she’s an over-achiever, but not even Jordan can keep all these balls in the air indefinitely.


Submerge is set to a propulsive pop beat, while the sparse dialogue and alternately meditative and frenetic editing captures the college experience, where everything seems possible but the plethora of choices becomes its own kind of burden. As the rounds of study, swimming, clubbing, and sex speed faster and faster, Jordan has to make a decision about what she wants out of life—before the decision is made for her. Watch online ‘Submerge’ by clicking the film.


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