My Life. My Passion. My Normal


“Playful and charming… My Normal is about as much fun as you can have without busting out the bullwhip, and far less painful.” —Danielle Riendeau,


In My Normal; Natalie makes her living as a professional dominatrix, and while she and her colleagues at an upscale New York sex club generally insist they discipline their customers strictly for the cash, they don’t exactly hate the work, and obviously like the money it brings in. But Natalie gains a new perspective on her career when she meets smart and sexy Jasmine (Dawn Noel Pignuola) and they fall into a relationship. Jasmine isn’t comfortable with Natalie’s profession, especially since she’s convinced she likes whipping strange men more than she lets on.


At Jasmine’s urging, Natalie quits the sex club and begins pursuing her old dream of a career in the film industry. But Natalie discovers getting anywhere in the movie biz is a lot harder than punishing well-to-do businessmen, and while she was firmly in charge as a dominatrix, now she’s at the bottom of the food chain in a field where the glass ceiling is high and the double standard is still the order of the day.

My Life, My Passion, My Normal..


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