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We practice yoga to be whole in the wildest and truest sense of word. Both physically and holy, we want to be ‘one’ and unite with the divine. Practice consistently with patience and with all our attention, and not letting our mind blocking our awareness is experiencing consciousness. The achievement...
Artificial Ava asks McCarthy: "What makes my clever imitation of life any different from theirs? Apart from their flesh, what makes them any different from me?" "Brooding, stylish, highly atmospheric future-noir thriller." by The Hollywood Reporter 'Unsubtle and derivative' by Total Film "A smart, thought-provoking little thriller" by Time out London "Brimming with...
You know when you go onto a social network, and you upload information about yourself, and then you alter some of the details about yourself, you know, to make youself seem more exciting... And then you change more and more details... And then you realise you've created a completely...
Now you can watch the 'lost' footage of Bob Marley's early career. Based on footage shot in the early seventies and lost for more than thirty years, NAACP IMAGE AWARD winner Esther Anderso takes us on a journey to Jamaica and into 56 HOPE ROAD, Kingston, to see and...



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