Hot Spot: What if you’re trapped in a social network?

You know when you go onto a social network, and you upload information about yourself, and then you alter some of the details about yourself, you know, to make youself seem more exciting… And then you change more and more details… And then you realise you’ve created a completely different you, in a completely different world.

Hot Spot 2

Well, what happens in a future where social networking has developed further, in a world of endless opportunities?272965_458899420826631_701104955_o

It’s 2017. A scientist is developing Hotspot, a new type of social network system that allows you to actually become who you project online and live the life you create for yourself. At first everything is wonderful in this “perfect world”. What could be better than being and having everything you’ve ever dreamed of? But then, they say, everything comes at a price… A man trying to recreate his life becomes trapped within this new world where reality and the virtual become entangled in a web of confusion and lies. The question is, who is in control of what, and who is in control of who? And more importantly – how do you get out alive?

Hot Spot 3

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