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Codename Venus is based on true events is an adventure and love story about Jasmine, an innocent and naive young woman who receives a mysterious letter from Cyprus which mentions her parents whom were abducted in front of her eyes 16 years ago during a secret archeological mission, is determined to follow the trace of the letter hoping to solve the mystery of their disappearance and find her parents.

kod adı venüs

Despite the increasing tension between the Turks and Greeks she returns to Cyprus where during her search she is used as a pawn by all the different factions and has to risk her own life to find out what really happened 16 years ago.

kod adı venüs 2
Torn between the Turkish and Greek side and trying to hide her cover as a spy for MI5, she falls in love with Kemal, her old Turkish friend she knew from the time she used to live on Cyprus during her parents’ archeological mission. But in a land so deeply occupied divided, how far will Venus go for a country that is not her own?

codename venüs

Based on true events, codename: venus is where hell and paradise meets.



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