Chiara Ferragni, Amazon Fashion Europe Ambassador

Chiara Ferragni Amazon Fashion new campaign star. She has appointed founder of and digital fashion icon, Chiara Ferragni, as its European brand ambassador for Spring/Summer 2016 (SS16). Chiara will feature in Amazon’s advertising and social media campaign for fashion across Europe, and the items worn by Chiara in the campaign will be available to buy from Amazon’s five European websites from 8 March,

chiara ferrying is amazon fashion

As Chiara Ferragni Amazon Fashion star in new campaign, the campaign is shot by photographer Cass Bird and i-­D magazine’s Fashion Editor, Julia Sarr-­Jamois. She modelled her favourite pieces for SS16 which include co-­ords, an embellished jumpsuit, and tailored mini dresses from brands including Gestuz, Selected Femme, Tommy Hilfiger and new-to-­Amazon Fashion, Keepsake.

chiara ferrying is amazon fashion

Chiara Ferragni Amazon Fashion campaign slogan is ‘Don’t look like me, look like you’ campaign”. chiara ferrying is amazon fashion
“I’m delighted to be working with Amazon Fashion” said Chiara. “Thanks to online retailers like Amazon, fashion is more accessible than ever, which is really exciting as fashion inspires a lot of people. Nowadays don’t need to live in a fashion capital of the world, have lots of money, or to be able to shop during certain hours. With online retail, it’s possible to browse and shop for fashion anytime of the day, from pretty much anywhere.”

chiara ferrying is amazon fashion

Fashion is one of Amazon’s fastest growing categories and during recent years large numbers of brands have partnered to sell their items on Amazon’s websites. Amazon’s brand offering across its Europe websites includes including Mango, French Connection, Hugo Boss, New Balance, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, Gucci watches, and Missoni shoes.
chiara ferrying is amazon fashion started selling fashion in 2007 with the launch of its Shoe Store, Jewellery Store and Watches Store, before launching its flagship Clothing Store one year later. Across Europe, Amazon sells a wide range of collections from Internationally loved fashion brands across its five European websites – UK (, France (, Germany (, Italy (, Spain (, and BuyVIP (an Amazon company)

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