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İnsafsız /Freocious bir kadının şöhreti yüzünden yaşadığı olayları anlatıyor. Küçük bir kasabadan gelip ünlü bir aktris olan Leigh Parrish, kasaba yaşamına geri döner fakat işler beklediği gibi gitmez. Şöhreti ona gerilim dolu zamanlar yaşatacaktır. İnsafsız filminin konusu: Leigh Parrish başarılı ve geleceği parlak bir televizyon yıldızıdır, Leigh Parrish’in manejeri olan Callaum...
We practice yoga to be whole in the wildest and truest sense of word. Both physically and holy, we want to be ‘one’ and unite with the divine. Practice consistently with patience and with all our attention, and not letting our mind blocking our awareness is experiencing consciousness. The achievement...
“Playful and charming… My Normal is about as much fun as you can have without busting out the bullwhip, and far less painful.” —Danielle Riendeau, AfterEllen.com In My Normal; Natalie makes her living as a professional dominatrix, and while she and her colleagues at an upscale New York sex club...
Voluntarily locked in a cell for 48 hours with no restrictions and no outside help three emotional archetypes battle for psychological supremacy before they can be destroyed by their own weaknesses. Subjects of a perverse scientific experiment they are left unobserved with no rules, no boundaries and no chance of...
Artificial Ava asks McCarthy: "What makes my clever imitation of life any different from theirs? Apart from their flesh, what makes them any different from me?" "Brooding, stylish, highly atmospheric future-noir thriller." by The Hollywood Reporter 'Unsubtle and derivative' by Total Film "A smart, thought-provoking little thriller" by Time out London "Brimming with...


When the dead body of a young co-ed is found haven been beaten and, the small town isn't ready to panic, until a second body is found. A skill full and creative serial killer is on the loose, hell bent on creating havoc and fear. It's a psychopath orchestrating his...



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